Dragons of Kazakhstan

Part Seven: The Pleasure Dome of Shangri-La

A new adventure begins! Half the Bloodbowl team has gone AWOL for a weekend bender with exotic courtesans and Chinese opium, and have disappeared without a trace.

You’ll need to find the hidden path to the Lost Paradise of Shangri-La, and trek deep into the snowy Himalayas, to ultimately uncover a secret that may bring the Cza invasion to a dramatic conclusion!

Part Six: The New Silk Road

(Summary of Part Six)

Part Five: A Very Big Gamble

(Summary of Part Five)

Part Four: The Fall of Balqash

(summary of Part Four)

Part Three: The Tiered City

(Summary of Part Three)

Part Two: Blood Wedding

(Summary of Part Two)

Part One: Unleashing the Dragon

(Summary of Part One)


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